Why no ads on your site? Is there a hidden paywall about to deprive me of your takes? How does this site pay you?

— Capitalism-Curious

‘Sup CC:

Are you offering to pay me? Because if so, I prefer Venmo and Square to PayPal because their evil overlords haven’t made the news to quite as much of an extent ad PayPal’s evil overlords, so I am assuming they are just and good, as all capitalists generally are.

This site actually does have ads on it, just not that many. I suppose I could change to an “ad-optimized template” to make it uglier and possibly more lucrative, but honestly I’m too lazy to do that right now. The answer to “how does this site pay me” is that I have like six other jobs and this site is my hobby because I CARE ABOUT YOU OR WHATEVER. I’ve always thought that Patreon is a very Millennial thing to do but maybe I’ll open one up JUST to see what the monetary value of my creative output into “the world” is, and then when that monetary value is $5 a month from my mom that then gets recalled because she didn’t mean to subscribe but just give me $5 ONCE, that question will be settled once and for all.

In the meantime, you are always (and I mean ALWAYS) more than welcome to buy my book for yourself, all of your family, all of your friends, and several of your enemies who you know for a fact like big words.


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