Things that make you go hmmm

Dear Gen-X-er,

Is Barack Obama a GenXer? I always thought he was, but on the 538 podcast they counted him as a Boomer. He was an undergrad in the 80s, for Pete’s sake!

Either way, he feels much more like a member of Generation X than a Boomer, especially in terms of what he likes to read, watch and listen to.

Dear letter non-signer (it’s cool, I’m sick of coming up with abbreviations anyway),

My Forever POTUS is an interesting case study in pan-generationalism. It’s true that his birthdate places him on the youngest end of the Boomers, but he has the effortless cool of a GenXer, that is certain. He also, however, has the self-confidence and ambition of both a Boomer and a Millennial (just read Becoming for an incredible Michelle’s-eye view in to just how annoying our forever POTUS’s personality can sometimes be!), with the pop-cultural sensibility of a Millennial and the bootstrapping self-startdom of a Boomer, AND YET the humility and willingness to credit other people with his success of an Xer.

Barack Obama, in conclusion, transcends generations, which was a key factor in his electability IN CASE YOU ARE PAYING ATTENTION, KAMALA/CORY/JULIAN/ELIZABETH/BETO(????)/SOME OTHER PEOPLE I DEFINITELY WILL NOT VOTE FOR.


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